In aid of the b.water Mission

Race Lap Award


Worldwide, more than 2.2 billion people have no regular access to clean drinking water. With the b.waterMISSION project of the AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue Foundation, BWT is committed to building sustainable well systems, primarily in rural regions of Africa.

With ADAC we have created a strong partnership: On the one hand, with the implementation of the BWT Bottle Free Zone in the ADAC GT Masters Series Paddock Areas will save

unnecessary CO2 emissions as well as tons of plastic waste. On the other hand, together we will build wells in Gambia and Tanzania, giving local people access to much needed clean drinking water.

New taps

Our common goal is to give every inhabitant in Gambia and Tanzania access to clean drinking water within 150 meters of where they live. To help achieve this, we have initiated the ADAC Race Lap Award starting in the 2021 season, where 4 EUR per completed lap per car will be donated to the b.waterMISSION project at each race of the ADAC GT Masters Series – supported by both BWT and ADAC on an equal 50% basis.

With the BWT Bottle Free Zone and ADAC Race Lap Award initiatives, BWT together with ADAC is making an enormously important contribution to our Blue Planet as well as to the African people in need.