A project of AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue Foun­da­tion*

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A project of AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue Foun­da­tion*


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With any donation you can make a difference.

Support b.waterMISSION, a project of AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue Foundation*. With this project, we have set ourselves the goal of building wells in mainly rural areas of Gambia and Tanzania, thereby ensuring the access to clean drinking water.

With b.waterMISSION, the basis for the sustainable and reliable implementation is already set. Now it is our (joint) task to build as many taps as possible.

Sustainable water systems

With any donation you can make a difference.


Our targets for the building of taps:

Creating awareness, that water – the elixir of life – is of VALUE.

Ensuring sustainable operation via online monitoring and on-​site maintenance:

  • Construction of several thousand taps in the next few years
  • Access to safe and clean drinking water
  • Ensuring, that nobody has to walk further than 150 m to the next tapping point

“Before the tap was only open at 9am to 12pm and in the evening also 5-6pm. It was so difficult for us, honestly. It’s so perfect now, because anytime you need water you can get it, even at midnight.”

Asanatou Mballow, Female Villager,


How it works

The b.waterMISSION tap is an intelligent water dispenser which ensures, that the operation is technically monitored. All income can be tracked, controlled, and used transparently by private organizations or authorities to be able to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the systems.


Payment via mobile phone and NFC tech­nology

The villagers can use their mobile phone to purchase a b.water­MIS­SION credit, which is saved on the b.water­MIS­SION tag. With remote prepay­ment, trace­able water credits can be sent to the taps by author­i­ties, the local villagers, but also by donors all around the world.

The b.water­MIS­SION tech­nology even works in rural areas with poor data connec­tions, as low-​bandwidth mobile connec­tion is used. In remote areas, the NFC tech­nology enables the consumers to load the credit directly on the tag and there­with source water from the tap.

b.water­MIS­SION taps

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and NFC tech­nology make it possible, to save the b.water­MIS­SION credit on the b.water­MIS­SION tag. The amount of water used is deducted from the credit on the tag. By scan­ning the tag on the foun­tain, the water comes out of the tap. The income guar­an­tees the sustain­able oper­a­tion and main­te­nance of the taps. All data regarding water consump­tion and the status of the taps are moni­tored by live tracking of the entire tap system.

Real- time data and statis­tics

The b.water­MIS­SION taps directly commu­ni­cate with a cloud-​​based analysis soft­ware, which contin­u­ously provides data about the water system in real time. The soft­ware records all trans­ac­tions in a central data­base for trans­parent reporting. Due to this tech­nical remote moni­toring, oper­a­tional and perfor­mance prob­lems of each indi­vidual tap can be iden­ti­fied quickly. Low flow rates and malfunc­tions are detected and enable the oper­a­tions and main­te­nance teams to act quickly.

Why b.waterMISSION?

With any donation, you can make a difference.

b.waterMISSION is a project to support the sustainable access to water in Africa.

 Benefits of clean water:

  • Improvement of the general health of the population, especially in rural areas
  • Children can go to school instead of carrying water over long distances

Benefits of a sustainable water system:

  • Less waste of water and access to the taps 24/7
  • Short distance to the taps

Become a b.waterMISSION partner NOW!

Together we can make the difference and change the world sip by sip.


Donate to AQUA Pearls – For You and Planet Blue

Donate to:

IBAN: AT76 3432 2000 0004 0261 | BIC: RZOOAT2L322

Build a b.waterMISSION tap with BWT:

  • 3.500€ financed by You
  • 3.500€ financed by BWT
  • BWT guarantees the funding for every b.waterMISSION tap (incl. prefinancing)

Donate water for the local people:

  • With 5€ per year, one African can be supplied with safe and clean drinking water

As a donor, you have the following options:

  • You are personally named on the b.waterMISSION tap
  • You have access to the data, in order to have a look at the water consumption and the sustainability data

About AQUA Pearls Foundation*

W* AQA Pearls – For You and Planet Blue.
A private charitable, non-​profit foundation by BWT.

The AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue Foundation* supports the project b.waterMISSION for sustainable taps and water supply in Africa.


  • Established in December 2016 by BWT in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian Private Foundation Act
  • Annually: Audit and confirmation via Audit Report

Foundation’s purpose:

  • Improving the access to clean drinking water around the world
  • Fighting against poverty, particularly against the lack of clean drinking water
  • Promoting sustainability, especially the economic use of water resources
  • Protecting the environment, especially the water cycles, and threatened species

Why donate to AQUA Pearls Foundation*?

  • 100% of all donations are invested in the projects
  • No administrative expenses
  • Donations to the AQUA Pearls Foundation* are tax-​deductible in Austria

BWT Distance Award

Meter by meter – drop by drop – let’s change the world together!

As part of the BWT Distance Award, every meter jumped in all individual competitions in the current season counts. One tap is built every 18,000 meters.